The Bharti Charitable Foundation

The Bharti Charitable Foundation was founded in 2007 with the goals of increasing public awareness toward animal preservation and education, improving economic and educational opportunities for youth around the globe and helping raise universal awareness about environmental issues.

The Foundation has donated funds thus far to:

Shark Preservation: In association with the documentary, “Sharkwater”, the Foundation has pledged money toward the translation of the film from English to Mandarin. The goal is to increase the public’s awareness about the importance of preserving the shark population.

Street Kids International: A charity that helps improve the lives of impoverished youth by setting up learning programs that enable these youth groups to become productive members of their respective communities.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA): A charity that helps raise awareness about animal preservation and education.

The exoneration of wrongly convicted individuals: Through funds contributed to the Sean Penn narrated documentary, “Witch Hunt”.

Funds donated from the foundation aid young people from diverse backgrounds in becoming burgeoning members of Toronto’s cultural and lifestyle industries.

ICROSS Canada: Funds contributed from the Bharti Charitable Foundation aid in the construction of a school outside of Nairobi, Kenya. The school directly benefits the children of single mothers rescued from the sex trade in Nairobi’s Kibera slum, the largest slum in Africa with over a million inhabitants.

Funds contributed to Habitat for Humanity China aided in the reconstruction of homes devastated by the earthquake in Sichuan Province.

World Vision Canada: The BCF has contributed to World Vision Canada's relief efforts after the earthquakes in Haiti and Japan as well as to the drought relief effort in the Horn of Africa. Also, the foundation has helped the youth in Fortaleza, Brazil gain business skills in order to maintain gainful employment thereafter. Most recently, the foundation aided in the purification of water in Teltpetlapan, Nicaragua.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada: Funds contributed to the Aga Khan Foundation Canada directly aid in the rescue relief following the 2010 flood in Pakistan.

WildAid: The foundation has pledged funds to WildAid in an effort to stop shark finning as well as preserve the endangered tiger, rhino, orca and polar bear species.

One Prosper: Funds provide small farmers in India with drip irrigation kits to improve crop yields and garner higher incomes.

The END fund: Funds donated to the END fund assist almost 12 million people in Mali to ensure they receive the medicines needed to treat for and protect against disabling and deadly diseases such as intestinal worms, river blindness, and elephantiasis.

The foundation has donated funds to the Toronto PWA (People with Aids) Foundation, a non-profit organization that engages people living with HIV/AIDS in enhancing their health and well-being through practical and therapeutic support services and broader social change.
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