Andre Bharti, Richard Branson and Hannele Bharti in the field

Andre Bharti at Habitat for Humanity's Scarborough construction site-June 2, 2011

Working with other Habitat volunteers

Andre Bharti with Bharti Charitable Foundation Chairperson Hannele Bharti

Raising part of the wall structure

Photos: Habitat for Humanity China

Funds contributed to Habitat for Humanity China aided in the reconstruction
of homes devastated by the earthquake in Sichuan Province.

Andre Bharti with former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and Mrs. Carter; to support the rebuilding after the Sichuan earthquake.

Andre Bharti, President and CEO at the site in Qionglai, Sichuan

The Bharti Charitable Foundation being recognized for their assistance in China.

Visiting the students in Fortaleza, Brazil

Andre Bharti and Nicole Holness with students at the Enmanuel Mongalo Rubio Primary School, Nicaragua.